Terms and Conditions

Camping Rules

1. Conditions

.Before entering the campsite and pitching your tent or parking your

caravan, please request permission at the reception desk.

Staying at our campsite means that you accept our Camping Rules and

abide by them.

Any violation of our Camping Rules may lead to eviction from the


In case of violation of the rules, the campsite administrator may call in

the policy

.Our campsite is reserved for travellers and may not be used as a

permanent place of residence.

2. Formalities

Anyone who wishes to spend at least one night at our campsite must

first report to the reception desk with proper identification and fulfil the

necessary formalities.

If you want to leave, please notify the Reception Desk the day before.

3. Finding a place for your tent or caravan

Tents, caravans, motorhomes and folding caravans must be placed on a

designated camping pitch, in accordance with the directions of the

campsite administrator.

Please put your tent, caravan, motorhome or folding caravan within the

pitch allocated to you.

Please do not exceed the designated boundaries.

4. Reception

Opening hours: between 9.00 and 11.30 hours and between 15.00 and

18.00 hours.

Information about all services provided by our campsite, tourist

information about the area and various useful addresses are available at

the reception desk.

5. Payment

Payment takes place on arrival at the reception desk.

All rates are listed on our website and at the reception desk.

Our rates apply to the number of nights spent at our campsite.

6. Peace and quiet

It is not allowed to play wild, boisterous games that might disturb other

campers close the pitches, camping facilities or recreational area.

All campers are urgently requested to avoid excessive noise and loud

conversations that might disturb other campers.

Absolute quiet is mandatory between 23.00 and 8.00 hours.

7. Dogs and other pets

Per camping pitch one dog is allowed between July 6th and August

22nd; before July 6th and after August 22nd: 2 dogs max..

Dogs 1st and 2nd category are not allowed.

In and around our mobile homes pets are not allowed (dogs, cats, etc.)..

Dogs and other pets are not permitted to walk free on the campsite, nor

are they allowed to use the campsite as a toilet. If an accident should

occur, the owner is responsible for cleaning up.

Dogs may not cause any inconvenience to other campers.

Dogs may not be left unattended in their owner’s car, caravan or tent.

8. Visitors

Visitors should ask permission at the reception desk before entering the


Visitors are allowed at the campsite between 10.00 and 20.00 hours.

All visitors to the campsite must abide by the Camping Rules.

Visitors’ cars must be parked outside the camping site.

9. Parking and driving on the campsite

Within the enclosure of the campsite the maximum speed is 6 miles per


No traffic is allowed between 22.00 and 8.00 hours.

Only the vehicles of resident campers are allowed on the campground.

It is not allowed to impede traffic of new arrivals or to obstruct new

arrivals while pitching their tent or parking their caravan/motorhome.

10.The camping environment

Do not do anything that might spoil the neatness, hygiene or appearance

of the campsite.

t is not allowed to dump polluted water anywhere on the campsite.

Campers must dispose of dirty water in the designated facilities only.

Please dispose of all garbage, rubbish and glass in the designated


Please leave toilets, showers and washing up areas clean and tidy.

Do not hang your laundry on the trees or shrubs.

Anyone causing damage to our trees, plants, shrubs, fences or camping

facilities will be held financially responsible.

Please leave your designated pitch the way you found it on arri val .

11. Safety

The entry gate of the campsite is closed between 23.00 and 8.00 hours.

A. Theft

Each camper is responsible for his/her own possessions. The

management can not be held responsible for theft or damages to any

property belonging to campers.

If you see anyone suspicious on the campsite, please report it to the

campsite administrator immediately.

B. Fire

Open fires and fire baskets are strictly prohibited.

Barbecuing may only take place under the supervision of an adult. Do

not leave the fire unattended until it has gone out completely.

Any cooking apparel needs to be in perfect working order and may not

be used in a tent, under an awning or in the vicinity of a car. In case of

fire, notify the campsite administrator immediately.

Fire extinguishers are available on the campsite.

A first aid kit is available at the reception desk.

12. Management of the campsite

The management is responsible for maintaining order on the campsite.

In case anyone breaks the Camping Rules is the duty of the

management to take measures and, if necessary, to send troublemakers


If you wish to make a complaint about anything, you are free to do so.

Please write down the date and sign your name, or the complaint will

not be investigated. Complaints need to be described as clearly as

possible and must pertain to recent facts only.

13. Arrival and departure

Arrival between 11.00 and 21.00 hours.

Departure between 8.00 and 11.00 hours.

Should you leave later in the day, we must charge you the rate of a full